SAP Technology Consultant Hands-on Project


SAP Technology Consultant Hands-on Project is the sixth course in the SAP Technology Consultant Professional Certificate program. This is your opportunity to put the knowledge and skills you have gained over the previous five courses into practice.

This fun and interesting project is a high-level challenge based on a real-world problem. You’ll identify key players in the proposed project and take the necessary steps to understand their current technical landscape. You’ll identify their business requirements and develop a solution proposal. Once you’ve obtained sign off from the customer, you’ll then identify the key technology elements you need to cover and assess the stakeholders and other SAP professionals you’ll be working with. You’ll work on and present your design, including your assumptions, proposed recommendations, and other considerations. Then you’ll implement your proposed solution and complete QA/testing activities. And finish off by creating a Post-Implementation Review Report documenting the lessons learnt and the future roadmap.
Overall, this project presents an ideal opportunity to gain experience in assessing the digital transformation drivers in a real-life situation.
By the end of this project, you will be able to:
Review, understand and respond to a customer implementing a new SAP solution.
Complete typical technology consultant project tasks for each SAP lifecycle phase.
Develop and present selected technology consultant project deliverables.
Compare course project work against provided best practice examples and identify gaps or opportunities for development.

What’s included