Scale Up Specialization Capstone


This Capstone course is aimed at learners who have experience of working in a startup and want to scale up their business and want to bring together what they have learned in the three previous courses on scaling up a startup (Scale Up Your Startup, Scaling Product and Processes, and Building Culture in a Scaleup).

Through the Capstone Project, you´ll showcase your understanding of the key issues a scaleup faces and how to overcome these issues and challenges – from the initial moment when scaling up becomes a possibility, through transitions in product and processes, to the creation of a strong, effective, and resilient company culture that will last. For the project, you´ll profile a company and go in depth to find out how that company scaled, producing a polished and comprehensive piece of writing that demonstrates your understanding of the scaleup journey.
After completing this Capstone project, you will have developed insights into why companies scale up, how they plan for the scaleup phase, how they scale up product and processes, how they adapt their sales and marketing strategies, how operations are affected, and how they build and maintain a productive, effective and diverse company culture through the scaleup phase.

What’s included