Scale Up Your Startup Specialization


This specialization is intended for anyone who owns a startup or who has an interest in learning how to scale up their business exponentially. By the end of the specialization, learners will be able to:
Describe the key elements of a scaleup mindset Determine how ready they are to scale up their business Understand key best practices in scaleup, gained from industry insights and applicable to their own businesses Learn how to scale up a product successfully by addressing the key concerns of product development at the scaleup stage Evaluate and suggest process improvement for a growing company Discuss key considerations in team and personnel growth (including fit, team creation, diversity, and personal productivity and wellness during stressful times)
This specialization features advice and best practices from scaleup expert Professor Joe Haslam, who provides the necessary framework to understand what scaling is all about and who adds to his own experiences and teaching a wide and carefully selected range of resources and industry examples to help guide learners through industry best practices and advice.

In the Scaleup Specialization projects in each course, learners will focus on how a scaleup in their area or region of the world has addressed the scaleup challenges discussed in each course. Students who complete the Capstone will also research and write an industry piece, in the style of a longform magazine article, on one company in particular and their journey through the scaleup process.

What’s included