Science and Engineering of Climate Change


Global warming is one of the most significant challenges of the century and tackling it in the most effective way requires a good understanding of its physical, social and financial aspects. The Science and Engineering of Climate Change course offers an introduction to the science of climate change and to the existing technologies to mitigate its effects.

Are we sure that the climate is changing? How confident are we that climate change is anthropogenic? Are we heading for a climate catastrophe? Why are greenhouse gases associated with global warming? What options do we have to cope with these facts? Which of the many proposals are realistic, and which are just wishful thinking? By the end of this course, you will have the necessary conceptual tools to provide your own answers to these questions.
This MOOC is divided into four modules. With the first two you will understand how scientists measure climate and its evolution, how climate models work and how greenhouse gases within the atmosphere play a central role in determining the climate. The last two modules introduce the main technologies that can be used to reduce carbon emissions and carbon concentration in the atmosphere, and, in the light of the facts explained in the first part of the course, explain how these technologies can be best combined.
The MOOC is for those who want to understand not only the basics of climate-change science, but also what we can really and effectively do to curb the present trend in the planet’s temperatures. No previous knowledge is required.

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Davide Goruppi

Davide Goruppi 1 year ago

T​hank you to Mr Rebonato: complexe topics become clear thanks to your precise and pragmatic approach.

Patrick Murer

Patrick Murer 1 year ago

v​ery insightful and scientific : facts and science with limited opinions… very usefull and insightful


JL B 1 year ago

At last a scientific lecture on climate change and means to (try to) tackle it.

waqar manzoor

waqar manzoor 1 year ago

I have learned many things

Jakob Smit

Jakob Smit 12 months ago

Super interesting, and Professor Riccardo is excellent.


Gombert 12 months ago

This course is key to understand the basics and to grasp the complexities of Science & Engineering of Climate Change

Gioele Basso

Gioele Basso 11 months ago

The lectures were well explained and the topics were really interesting. I appreciated the critical position taken by the professor during some discussions. I reccomend this course to who would like to understand why climate change is happening and what are the strategies we should consider.

Patricia Crowley

Patricia Crowley 11 months ago

Great information, great instructor – very relevant to current day issues.

massimo mannori

massimo mannori 10 months ago

Prof. Rebonato is higly talented in presenting complex topics in an easy understanble way, linking science with economics and potential political strategies.

Joy Anjora

Joy Anjora 10 months ago

Nice Teacher, esay to understand

Supapit Tiansuwan

Supapit Tiansuwan 10 months ago

very fun and gain lots of knowledge

Nadia Poilane

Nadia Poilane 9 months ago

v​ery good presenter

venkataraman ganesan

venkataraman ganesan 9 months ago

Extremely insighful and useful.

Ninah Marjorie Nakiyimba

Ninah Marjorie Nakiyimba 8 months ago

it was insighful

Danillo Nakano

Danillo Nakano 6 months ago

G​ood overview on Climate Change and covering diverse aspects on the engineering and science behind it.

Victor Grimblatt

Victor Grimblatt 5 months ago

Very good course, very nice material

Ross Hamilton

Ross Hamilton 4 months ago

Excellently presented, clear, informative, at the right level but with enough data and follow up materials to dig in and master the subject. Very enjoyable. Appreciated the ability to follow along with slides and the transcript also.

Vikki Yuen-Fong Tang

Vikki Yuen-Fong Tang 4 months ago

T​he course is comprehensive and informative. The course instructor explained the materials very well. Excellent instructor!

john paul efe

john paul efe 4 months ago

l​earned a ton with the science of climate change. it was informative and engaging. this is my fisrt course in coursera. I’m looking forward to learn more about climate change and how to mitigate its effect.

Lindsay Renaud

Lindsay Renaud 3 months ago

E​ngaging and well-researched lectures and materials.

Rashid Rasul

Rashid Rasul 3 months ago

Excellent, factual and enlightening course. Stating the facts and debunking the myths and popular but inaccurate statements.

Julie Maude Rufino

Julie Maude Rufino 3 months ago

excellent professor, fascinating topics

Lucio San Pedro

Lucio San Pedro 2 months ago

It is a very complete course, with a very professional and qualified teacher.

Soledad Chino

Soledad Chino 3 weeks ago

I recommend to take this course, it was very clear and a lot of sustainable data

Ankit Kumar Singh

Ankit Kumar Singh 2 weeks ago

Well articulated lectures. It gave a complete new perspective regarding climate change and most importantly, the emphasis on ‘No Silver Bullet’ to fight climate change, provided a microscopic POV on the topic. Special thanks to Prof. Rebonato for making for simplifying this complex topic.

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