Social Entrepreneurship Specialization


In this specialization you will learn how to create societal impact through Social Entrepreneurship. Social Entrepreneurship describes the discovery and sustainable exploitation of opportunities to create social change. We will introduce you to examples of Social Entrepreneurship and guide you through the process of establishing a venture to address a social or environment problem. You will form of team and study a problematic issue to learn more about the source of the problem. We will equip you with frameworks identifying opportunities, support your team, and outlining your idea. You will develop your idea and iterate on your business model throughout the Specialization, and conclude with completing a business plan.

Entrepreneurship is not about a single genius doing magic, but about a group of people who combine forces, take action and initiate change. Throughout the 3 courses learners will be encouraged to work in teams and form a social venture. They are asked to reach out to people who share similar thoughts and concerns about a particular topic to eventually form a team. This team will focus on a very specific issue and do research to examine the source of the problem. Results will be used to identify an opportunity to address this problem. Gradually a business model will be developed. Learners will choose an organizational form, devise an appropriate financial structure and start to create a business plan. Measuring social impact and selecting the right strategy to scale will define success. Whether a team sticks to the very same members and project throughout all 3 courses will depend on the individual learners. Changing topics or switching teams is possible anytime.

What’s included