Social Media Marketing in Practice Specialization


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Over 4.6 billion people globally are using social media in 2022. This explosive growth, coupled with the speed of innovation and adoption of mobile technologies, has fundamentally reset consumer expectations, changed how consumers make purchase decisions, and transformed how businesses must operate to support their customers.
This Specialization is for those hoping to launch a career as a digital marketing generalist or a social media specialist. In addition, the courses will enhance your knowledge and expertise in integral areas such as content creation and content marketing; social media advertising; and Social Selling.
After completing all courses in this Specialization, you will receive a DMI x Coursera certificate, DMI’s Certified Digital Marketing Associate certification, and three months of free Power Membership to unlock your next opportunity in a community of over 130k members. The Power Membership will give you access to an extensive content library full of practical resources to help at every stage of your career and stay up to date with the latest developments and insights in digital marketing.

In this Specialization, learners will solve a broad range of authentic business problems as they apply the skills and techniques they learn along the way. Learners will select social media channels and create buyer personas and content calendars to target these personas. Based on their social media channel choices, learners will also create detailed campaign targeting plans to help create paid advertising campaigns.

What’s included