Software Design as an Element of the Software Development Lifecycle


This course talks about software development lifecycles a description/prescription for how we write software. Design is a step in this life cycle, and the course explores the implications of this. Design has a role in the life cycle; it is always there, regardless of the kind of life cycle we’re talking about. Why is that? Why was design considered as a step in this life cycle?

What you will learn

Design, is a Thoughtful Process

Design requires that you be much more than minimally knowledgeable about your project and how to accomplish it.

How Design fits into the flow of software development

How Design translates requirements into specifications which coders can understand and use.

Design in the Context of Different SDLC’s

There are different ways to develop software, but design plays a similar set of roles regardless of why way is used.

How High-Level Design (or Architecture) handles Security Problems

The difference between high-level and detailed design and how high-level design is good at handling security issues.

What’s included