Software Development Lifecycle Specialization


This Specialization is designed for people who are new to software engineering. It’s also for those who have already developed software, but wish to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying context and theory of software development practices.
At the end of this Specialization, we expect learners to be able to:
1.) Build high-quality and secure software using SDLC methodologies such as agile, lean, and traditional/waterfall.
2.) Analyze a software development team’s SDLC methodology and make recommendations for improvements.
3.) Compare and contrast software development methodologies with respect to environmental, organizational, and product constraints.

To cement the theoretical concept into solid learning, learners will be given multiple fictional case studies where learners will be asked to make decisions like what methodology will you choose, what practices/processes will you use and why? These projects will help learners apply the concepts into practice. In agile course, learners will be asked to create a story map for a given situation, and make a case for agile methodology.In lean course, learners will be asked to create a value stream map and use design thinking to a ficticious case studyAll of the projects will be peer reviewed.

What’s included