StanfordOnline: Databases: Semistructured Data


This course is one of five self-paced courses on the topic of Databases, originating as one of Stanford’s three inaugural massive open online courses released in the fall of 2011. The original “Databases” courses are now all available on Part of the Databases series, this is a standalone course; learners seeking to develop an understanding of topics in this course do not need to take other Databases courses. This course covers the JSON and XML standards for semistructured data, along with query languages and schema declaration features for XML.

  • The XML Data section of this course introduces the XML model for semistructured and self-describing data, including DTDs and some features of XML Schema.
  • The JSON Data section of this course introduces the JSON model for human-readable structured or semistructured data.
  • The XPath and XQuery section of this course covers the XPath language for processing XML data, along with many features of the more advanced XQuery language.
  • The XSLT section of this course provides a general introduction to the XSLT rule-based language for querying and transforming XML data.

What’s included