Strategic Management – Capstone Project


In this capstone project course, we revisit the strategy controversy at e-Types, introduced in the first course in this specialization, Strategic Management, and further analysed in each of the subsequent courses, Strategy Formulation and Strategy Implementation. After revealing, examining, and analyzing what happened at e-Types, we turn to a new set of strategy cases that range in terms of company size, geography, and focus. For your final project, we ask YOU to apply everything you have learned in this specialization to analyze your choice of one of these four situations.

What you will learn

Introduction to the Capstone Project

If you’re taking this course, you’ve most likely completed the three earlier courses in this specialisation, Strategic Management, Strategy Formulation, and Strategy Implementation. In this module you’ll find out what happened at e-Types, the case we’ve used throughout the specialization to illustrate strategy concepts, and also apply the concepts to an entirely new context. You’ll get to choose among several cases for your final project and this specialization, as we describe in greater detail in what follows.

Capstone Project Description

For your final project in this course, we provide you with options: Four cases, which you can read about and choose among. These cases range from large to small companies, across geographies, and span manufacturing and service businesses. Consistent with our overall theme in this specialization, all these cases about companies that compete based on innovation. For one of these — only one — you will create a concise recommendation of a strategy and implementation plan. To do this well, you will need to summon ideas appropriately from the earlier three courses in the specialization.

Milestone I – Formulating Strategy

Here’s a chance to share your work and ideas regarding the strategic formulation part of your chosen project assignment. This is an optional peer reviewed assignment and it will not count towards the final grade, but however serves as a great opportunity to better your project before handing in the final piece.

Milestone II – Implementation Strategy

In this module, as in the previous (3), you may share your work and ideas on part of the capstone project. Share work and ideas from you project related to areas within strategy implementation and get feedback from peers before handing in the final version of you project. Remember, this assignment is optional and wont count points towards the certificate, however its serves as great opportunity to recieve feedback that can help to improve your final project.

Finish Up

Use this week module to finish up your assignment prepare to hand it in. Look into the courses on Strategic Management, Strategy Formulation and Strategy Implementation again to assure that you understand and apply concepts and theories correctly.

What’s included