Strategic Technology Management Specialization


The success of modern companies depends critically on their manager’s ability to generate strategic innovationwhich leverages technological and market changes. A key part of the equation is delivering new products that deliver exceptional customer value. Another essential element is implementing innovation initiatives effectively. The Strategic Technology Management specialization is targeted towards aspiring managers, managers at all levels, and entrepreneurs who lookto gaina well-rounded knowledge of technology managementthrough courses thatintegrate the areas of strategic innovation, customercentric product development, andmanaging innovation. Topics covered include:
Understanding the strategic impact of technological change on markets Strategies to characterizeinnovation situations and develop strategic responses Business model and platform-centric innovation Understanding unmet customer needs to identify innovation opportunities Delivering new products that deliver exceptional customer value Designing organizations that navigate established and new businesses simultaneously Leading innovation teams Designing and leading change initiatives for innovation

A central premise of these courses is obtaining well-rounded expertise to understand and undertake effective strategic innovation. Course videos include application-based exercises that encourage students to apply conceptual materials to their experience and readings.

What’s included