Strategies for Converting and Retaining Customers Online


Welcome to Course 2 of the E-Marketing Specialization: Strategies for Converting and Retaining Customers Online. In this course, we will begin with an introduction to Search Engine Marketing. We will then explore elements of an effective marketing campaign, landing pages, and strategies for converting and retaining your customer base.

You are highly encouraged to use this course experience to begin building a digital marketing plan for your current or future business. The activities in this course are all designed to guide you through different sections of a digital marketing plan.
Our learning goals for this course are to:
– Explore how to leverage keywords and search engine marketing in your ad campaigns
– Develop a sample pay per click (PPC) ad campaign that aligns with your marketing goals
– Analyze a landing page and identify successful and unsuccessful elements
– Recognize how to apply calls-to-action to increase customer conversion
– Identify tactics of customer conversion and retention to add to your digital marketing plan

What’s included