Sustainable Digital Innovation


Two of our most profound business challenges are digitalization and sustainability. They are rapidly changing the way we are doing business both today and in the future. Therefore, in the Sustainable Digital Innovation course, we explore the business opportunities that can open up when we align our strategy with sustainability goals.

You will gather knowledge on:
* understanding the sustainable contextual framework
* the methods and tools for your business to address sustainable challenges of different means
* how digital technologies can help you manage and innovate your role in your business ecosystem and support sustainable development in business and society
* the existing and emerging cases of digitally-enabled sustainable solutions – as these solutions are of value to industries on various markets.
Your course leads, Program Director – Staffan Movin, and Jan Agri – Senior Advisor Circular Economy, will guide you through the various perspectives of the field, providing you with the methods and tools you need based on applied research findings. You will also get valuable insights from major business leaders and experts. For example, you will meet:
– Björn Stigson, former President of The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
– Elaine Weidman Grunewald, Sustainability executive, author, board member, founder of AI Sustainability Center, and former SVP at Ericsson
– Henrik Henriksson, former President and CEO of Scania
– Annika Ramsköld, Vice President Sustainability, Vattenfall.
After the completion of this course, you can deepen your knowledge with the live professional course, Sustainable Digital Innovation. For more information and registration details follow this link:

What you will learn

Sustainable development – How does it relate to a business?

During the pandemic, many businesses have enforced their investments in sustainable solutions. In a post-covid world, sustainable solutions will be encouraged by incentives and regulations. It is therefore valuable to understand the role of leadership at the time of a major crisis with an emphasis on transformation in order to thrive in a more sustainable and digital business context.

Integrating sustainability into business management

Welcome to the second week of the course! This week we will focus on the integration of sustainability into business. Companies addressing sustainability as a regulation tend to have more difficulties in gaining business advantages and profitability then companies that incorporate sustainability as a central part in their way of doing business. The following lessons will support integration ambitions.

Aligning sustainablility in industrial digitalization

Welcome to the third week of the course! Revenues in industrial companies are coming from multiple sources as digitalization and services become even more important. As sustainability becomes more important for customers as well as shareholders and other stakeholders, we must get better at incorporating and aligning sustainability with business offerings.

Sustainable development – A source for innovation

Welcome to the fourth week of the course! Challenges can also be opportunities. As the market changes and customers and society search for more sustainable solutions new sustainable opportunities arise as we are witnessing dematerialization, servicification and digitalization. But to really grasp opportunities, we need to understand the wider system along the current and future value chain.

What’s included