Teamwork and Creativity


In this course, you will enhance your ability and opportunity to work creatively within any organization, learn to understand the importance and role of teamwork within the organization, and develop skills that differentiate yourself as a team player. The professional business skills related to teamwork and creativity gained through this course will help you to succeed working in any organization.

What you will learn

Course Introduction & Module 1 – Being Creative

This module starts with a course introduction, then you will learn why creativity matters, what creativity is, and how to get started being creative.

Module 2 – Raw Materials, Tools, and End Products

In this module you will learn a way to break down what it is we are currently thinking so that we can consider changing it to generate new outcomes.

Module 3 – Pitching Ideas

In this module we will examine the role of social influence tactics for encouraging others to respond positively to our requests. There are many ways to encourage people to want to comply. Next, we examine the role of forming communications that are likely to be understood and found appealing by others.

Module 4 – Evaluating Ideas

Evaluating ideas is an important part of the larger creative process. This module will examine biases that enter into the process and ways to mitigate them.

What’s included