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Take our Technical Analysis course now. Learn how to make informed trading decisions using charts, patterns, forecasting tools, and technical indicators.


Do you want to become a successful investor?

Then, you must learn the intricacies of technical analysis to develop a personal trading style. This is a popular form of security analysis that uses price and volume data to inform decision-making. It involves many complex concepts and calculations that we teach in this Technical Analysis course. Here’s a peek at what you’ll learn.

The valuation of a security depends on the activity of rational and irrational market participants. Some investors are led by their emotions or “animal spirits.” A bull represents an investor’s optimism, and a bear—their pessimism about a particular security or the market in general. When investors feel bullish, stock prices go up. Reversely, when investors feel bearish, stock prices go down.

Since the market is under the influence of such social-behavioral phenomena, it is not always efficient. So, we need technical analysis to study collective investor psychology. Whether you use it as a stand-alone tool or combine it with fundamental analysis, it is an excellent indicator of a security’s optimal price-entry and exit points.

Our Technical Analysis course teaches you the major principles, assumptions, and practical applications of this technique. You will learn how to construct and interpret charts and patterns and analyze important indicators. We explain the Elliot Wave Theory and the importance of the Fibonacci numbers to help you understand how technical analysts use cycles. This stock technical analysis course ends with a lesson on Intermarket analysis and its role in asset allocation.

Are you looking to enhance your stock market investments and make informed trading decisions based on data-driven insights? This Technical Analysis course is just what you need. Enroll now and elevate your trading skills.

What You’ll Learn

Do you want to take your financial analyst skills to the next level? This Technical Analysis course will help you:

  • Define the principles of technical analysis and its underlying assumptions
  • Explore common technical analysis indicators
  • Understand how the different chart patterns reflect the principles of behavioral finance
  • Illustrate how technical analysts use cycles
  • Develop trading strategies based on technical indicators
  • Examine the relationships between various asset markets, such as bonds, stocks, currencies, and commodities

What’s included