The Materiality of ESG Factors Specialization


This specialization will provide learners with the fundamentals and history of ESG investing, and a close examination of the set of investment approaches that are informed by environmental, social and, governance factors. You’ll about the five pathways of materiality, and how those interplay with or against ESG performance. You’ll review the concepts of positive and negative screening and identify the ESG factors that cause investors to divest from or negatively screen certain assets.
Next, you’ll review private environmental governance, the active role that private companies are playing in combating climate change, and the parallels between the public and private sectors. Lastly, you’ll evaluate the effectiveness of corporate authenticity and the impacts of politics when building corporate ESG policy, and the importance of creating independent Directors to maintain neutrality and protect stakeholder interests.
By the end of this specialization, you will know the best practices for creating a solid risk management plan, analyzed the complex indexing and measurement techniques employed in the ESG space, examined climate disclosures and implementation of climate solutions, and how social activism affects the corporate world in the 21st century.

Each course module in this Specialization culminates in an assessment. These assessments are designed to check learners’ knowledge and to provide an opportunity for learners to apply course concepts such as investment analytics, indexing tools, and critical analysis of ESG policies, activism, and greenwashing.The assessments will be cumulative and cover the fundamentals of ESG investing, public and private governance, and sustainability factors that will allow you to build a diverse and risk-resilient ESG portfolio.

What’s included