The Neuromarketing Toolbox


Doing marketing research by asking people has been a common method and does still have advantages. On the other hand, if you want insights into the non-conscious interpretations of a consumer’s decision, then you need other research tools in your research toolbox. Neuromarketing makes use of such an extended toolbox, containing both technical equipment and ways of doing experimental research. The goal for this course is to give you an overview of this fast developing toolbox ranging from simple web-camera, to eye-tracking, and to complicated brain-scanners. The course guides you through a contemporary literature review, giving you insights into the last decades of development within this field of research.

What you will learn

Week 1: Introduction to Neuromarketing

This week will give you an overview of the different measurement tools within neuromarketing.

Week 2: Eye-Tracking

Eye-tracking measures visual attention and in this week you will get to know when and how the technique can be applied to research on visual perception.

Week 3: Arousal & Emotions 1

In this week you will get to understanding arousal as the fundament of human behavior, and how it can be measured.

Week 4: Arousal & Emotions 2

In this week you will learn about the specific techniques to measure arousal and emotional responses.

What’s included