The Singer Songwriter Specialization


Do you have a song in your heart that you want to share it with others? In the Singer/Songwriter specialization, you will learn all the skills you need to write, perform, and record your own original music. You’ll begin by learning how to play the guitar to accompany yourself in Guitar for Beginners. You’ll learn how to play chords and scales, as well as strumming patterns and finger picking patterns. In Singing Popular Music, you’ll explore your voice and develop your own personal style. You’ll learn how to sing properly, mastering the correct techniques and breath support. From there, you’ll hone your writing craft, focusing on lyrics. You’ll learn about stressed and unstressed syllables, rhyme schemes, and lyrical phrasing.You’ll also record into a Digital Audio Workstation, focusing on Ableton Live and capturing both MIDI and real instruments into your DAW to record and share your ideas with the world.

In the first course of this specialization, Guitar for Beginners, you will play a song using a lead sheet from start to finish. In Singing Popular Music, you will hone your style and perform a song. By the end of Songwriting: Writing the Lyrics, you will have completed an original song. Finally, you will produce and record your original music using real instruments and MIDI in Introduction to Ableton Live.

What’s included