Trustworthy AI for Healthcare Management


This MOOC gives an introduction to trustworthy artificial intelligence and its application in healthcare. This includes modules on basics of artificial intelligence and an introduction to trustworthy and ethical applications of artificial intelligence. A dedicated lesson will present the Z-Inspection® process for assessing trustworthy AI, and real-world case studies will illustrate how to apply the knowledge.

The course is aimed at healthcare professionals, patients, and AI practitioners. It does not require previous knowledge on AI.
Participants will learn:
– How AI systems work and learn
– What tasks can be solved by AI
– Common challenges for AI in healthcare
– Fundamentals of Trustworthy AI
– How to assess Trustworthy AI
– How Trustworthy AI assessments look in practice
This course was developed by Goethe University Frankfurt as part of the research project ‘Pan-European Response to the Impacts of the COVID-19 and future Pandemics and Epidemics’ (PERISCOPE). Funded by the European Commission Research Funding programme Horizon 2020 under the Grant Agreement number 101016233, PERISCOPE investigates the broad socio-economic and behavioural impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, to make Europe more resilient and prepared for future large-scale risks.
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What’s included