Unilever Supply Chain Data Analyst

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This program is designed for entry-level professionals, business administrations graduates and those with strong problem solving, time management, and organizational skills. You will learn the foundational skills employers seek for entry level supply chain analysts roles and get hands-on experience cleaning, filtering, sorting, and presenting data.

In this program, you’ll learn to:

  • Describe the supply chain analyst role and its impact to the supply chain
  • Identify potential opportunities in all aspects of the supply chain, ensuring cost and resource efficiencies and continual growth.
  • Use data and the current status of expenses and profitability to understand the impact of operations,, savings realization, and future outlook.
  • Monitor supply chain security risks and adjust overall planning and scheduling accordingly.
  • Describe the role of the supply chain analysts to assist in meeting sustainability goals.

This program is focused on building real-world experience. You’ll take on the role of an analyst for a fictitious consumer goods company specializing in organic farm to table consumer products. With over 20 unique assignments, you’ll use spreadsheets and visualization tools to analyze data and make recommendations. Some specific tasks you will be asked to do include:

  • Develop a comprehensive policy review to improve the company’s supply chain efficiency and reduce product waste.
  • Identify analysis objectives to address a two-week delay in supply when management is requesting that the available supply be distributed to cover at least 80% of the main demand points while, at the same time, maximizing sales revenue.
  • Conduct data analysis to address the two-week delay and provide recommendations.
  • Investigate data provided to identify which item(s) are causing complaints from customers about stockout problems and what might be causing them.

What’s included