Derivatives Course | 365 Financial Analyst

Improve your investment analysis and risk management skills with our Derivatives course. Learn how to use derivatives for hedging and speculative purposes.


This Derivatives course covers all aspects of derivative instruments. It starts with the specifics of forwards, futures, swaps, and credit derivatives. You will learn how these instruments work in theory and how to apply them in practice for hedging or speculative purposes. We teach you how to use derivatives to manage risk, generate returns and implement different investment strategies.

Next, we explain the controversies related to derivatives and the importance of arbitrage. You will learn to make the difference between price and value of derivatives and how to calculate them. We explain how to evaluate the costs and benefits of various trading strategies using forwards, swaps, futures, forward rate agreements (FRA), and others.

Furthermore, we discuss the factors that determine the value of option contracts, the difference between European and American options, and the one-period binomial model for options.

Most importantly, we give you the chance to practice calculating various metrics. So, prepare yourself for a lot of formulas, interrelations, and exercises throughout our Derivatives course.

What You’ll Learn

  • The Derivatives course teaches you everything you need to know about derivatives, including
  • How to use derivatives for hedging and speculative purposes
  • The principle of arbitrage
  • The difference between forward and futures contracts
  • Understanding forward rate agreements (FRA)
  • How to estimate the put-call parity for European options
  • Calculating the price and value of forward contracts, options, and other derivative instruments

What’s included