Investment Banking Course | 365 Financial Analyst

Do you want to understand how investment bankers create value for clients and why companies pay millions for IPOs, M&A, etc.? Take this Investment Banking course.


What You’ll Learn

This Investment Banking course is your fast track to comprehensively understanding the industry. Take advantage of the learning materials and successfully navigate through multiple rounds of investment banking interviews, internships, and your first year on the job.

  • Understand the four main business lines of investment banking
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge of investment banking operations, including IPO, SEO, M&A, Restructuring, etc.
  • Improve your business know-how by studying a company’s lifecycle model and types of investment banking services used at different stages of the development of a company
  • Become familiar with industry language and frequently used abbreviations and expressions
  • Learn how investment bankers create value for businesses
  • Distinguish between different investment asset classes and understand the risk-return profile of each of these investment opportunities

What’s included