Negotiation Course | 365 Financial Analyst

Do you want to master negotiation tactics? This training course will teach you the negotiation phases step-by-step with the most appropriate actions. Start now!


What You’ll Learn

This course aims to improve your negotiation skills. Negotiation techniques are far from the traditional “split the difference” approach. To be a successful negotiator, one needs a solid preparation in universal principles that can be applied in any type of situation when two or more parties must find a mutually beneficial solution.

  • How to be successful at negotiations
  • How to expand the pie and look for a win-win outcome
  • Be able to recognize aggressive negotiation tactics and act accordingly
  • Build trust between negotiating parties and fix the trust when confidence has been broken
  • Use negotiation as a tool to be successful in business and your private life
  • Become an ethical negotiator who considers what is best for everyone on the negotiating table

What’s included